A year and a world of change – Well Meadow Gardens

Listen to the poem here recited by pupils of Great Wood School, Tean

And still we spin,

The Earth oscillating in orbit. 

But a moment of great 

Stillness has come,

A palpable . . . . pause.

And The World Changed 

by E. D. Varughese

And The World Changed

Read about how the natural world has been affected since early 2020 by the pandemic as well as how humans have garnered strength from nature during these tough times.

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And maybe sign up to The Quiet Project

Check out this book on pandemics and how we have experienced them in the past as well as this most recent one.

This isn’t the first global pandemic, and it won’t be the last. Here’s what we’ve learned from 4 others throughout history (theconversation.com)

Field Notes from a Pandemic: A Journey Through a World Suspended

Field Notes from a Pandemic: A Journey Through a World Suspended by Ethan Lou (goodreads.com)

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