Rainbow Trout – footbridge (‘Little Bridge’)

Listen to the poem here recited by pupils of Great Wood School, Tean

The river ran clear that Spring,

The Alder’s shadow dancing on its surface.

And we swam in calm waters,

The reverberating roar of the traffic

A distant memory.

by E. D. Varughese

Read about how lockdown has affected fish and our sea/riverscapes:

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And elsewhere in the world:

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Conversation point: what does ‘being quiet’ mean for you? Is it to be alone? To be with others in silence? How might we use the ‘noises’ of nature to quieten our busy minds?

The Quiet Project

Claire Thompson who works in the NHS believes that a world more mindful of nature can be a happier place; see her website: About me – Mindfulness of Nature (mindfulness-of-nature.com)

About me – Mindfulness of Nature (mindfulness-of-nature.com)
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